Rental Property Report – September 2016

This month was a piece of cake.  Here's the rental property report for September 2016. Self-Managed Rental Property Report: Rent Collection Another month of smooth sailing in the rent collection department.  Three out of four sets of tenants paid on the 1st using their deposit-only ATM cards, and the fourth [...]

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The Four Lamest Excuses Landlords Give for Not Raising Rents

In my last post, we talked about the reasons why it's so important for landlords to keep on top of rent increases to make sure you're getting top dollar.  (Or at least close to top dollar, if your tenants are great and you want to incentivize them to stay.)  Inevitably, [...]

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Why You Need to Raise the Rent on Your Property

One of the most important functions you have as a landlord is bringing in the rents.  There are obviously other important parts to the job, too, but if you're not bringing in the cash, then you're not running a real business.  And if you're not evaluating your rent rates and [...]

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Heading to FinCon!

Well, here's some exciting news.  FinCon is coming, and I'm actually going!  FinCon stands for the Financial Content Expo, and basically it's like Comic-Con but instead of a bunch of nerdy people walking around dressed as superheroes, it's a bunch of nerdy people walking around dressed as ordinary folks.  The [...]

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Why You Might Want to Skip the New iPhone

It's that time again.  Time for the launch of the new iPhone!  Every September, my boyfriend watches the Apple keynote event where they introduce the new iPhone.  But here are some reasons why you might want to skip the new iPhone, and wait for the next one. The Launch of [...]

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Self-Managed Rental Property – August 2016 Report

It's been an eventful month!  Well, at home, anyway.  It's been totally uneventful at the fourplex, which is great news!  Here's my self-managed rental property report for August 2016. Self-Managed Rental Property Report: Rent Collection This could not have gone better.  This was the first month that the tenants deposited [...]

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