Sorry for the long delay in posting, but the renovation is finally done!  Woo hoo!  As soon as the apartments were ready, I quickly posted the available units online to try to get renters.  I had a flood of interest in the units, and applications to process, and showings of the apartments, and I just completely ran out of time to post.  More on that later, but finally, FINALLY, I have before and after photos for you all.

This post is going to be pretty light on content, but heavy on images, so brace yourself and I hope you have a good internet connection.  Even still, I had to split it into multiple posts to make the page sizes manageable.  Anyway, without further ado, here are the before and after renovation photos.


1-min Before and After



1b-min IMG_4478v2-min

Apartment A

This was the worst unit.  The tenants who lived here (remember the bully?) were absolutely filthy.  There were mice, cockroaches, and a general stench that was so bad that the boyfriend had to cover his nose and mouth while I changed the locks.  The deck outside the unit was thrashed, and they locked their dog out on the patio during the day, so it relieved itself on the deck on a daily basis.  There was also negative drainage toward the front door, where the threshold had deteriorated, letting water drain into the garage below.



The railing was rotted out and wouldn’t have held up to a child leaning over it.  It had to be completely rebuilt.



New windows, fresh paint, and CLEAN.

IMG_4248-min IMG_4547-min


New light fixtures with bright LED bulbs throughout.


The kitchen cabinets had absorbed the awful smell, and more than a week after the tenants left, it still smelled awful, so we had to rip out the whole kitchen.

IMG_4251-min IMG_7767-min IMG_4343-min















IMG_4549-min IMG_4550-min


The bathroom…well, just have a look.  Yuck.  New everything, except for the tub, which I had reglazed.

IMG_4252-min IMG_7762-min IMG_4555-min

Master bedroom with walk-in closet.  We scraped the ceilings in all of the units, added ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms, and with the new windows, paint, light switches, electrical outlets, interior six-panel doors and door hardware, now it really pops.

IMG_4253-min IMG_4556-min IMG_4559-min

Bedroom #2: new flooring, ceiling fan, etc.

IMG_4256-min IMG_4562-min

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