If you missed part 1, go here to check out the before and after photos of the exterior and Apartment A.  The page size was getting unwieldy, so I split the post.  Here are the renovation photos from Apartments B and C.

Renovation Photos: Apartment B

Apartment B was the apartment where the former owner of the building lived.  It had an already-updated kitchen, which meant a little less work for us.  But don’t worry, the owner was a cheapskate and cut corners wherever he could, so there were still plenty of things that needed to be updated.

IMG_3995-min IMG_4523-min

Here’s an example of corner-cutting.  There were fence panels missing in the backyard, but the former owner figured “Easy!  I’ll just patch the fence hole with a ladder, a barbeque, and a cooler, and maybe top it off with a hanging plant.”  Yeeeah, I think I  saw that once on HGTV.  We figured it was better just to replace the fence panels.

P1190307-min IMG_4527-min

Here’s the owner’s kitchen, which he had already updated.  We ditched the broken microwave and added a stainless steel range and hood, but that’s about it.

IMG_4001-min IMG_4528-min

Here’s the old half bathroom.  It’s pretty tiny, but it felt even more tiny because whoever built it made the door swing inward, which is just silly.  We reversed the swing of the door, which made a huge difference.  We also replaced the vanity, countertop, etc.  I can’t believe the owner didn’t do it himself at some point.  Look at how gross the sink is!

IMG_3998-min IMG_3906-min IMG_4525-min

I know it’s difficult to tell from the photo, but these toilets in all of the bathrooms were TINY.  My theory is that a local kindergarten was closing down, and they got these child-sized toilets for free.  They were also water hogs.  I swapped them out for normal adult-sized elongated-bowl toilets that use only 0.8 gallons per flush!  They work great, too.  Since I pay the water bill, I figure these toilets will probably pay for themselves in the long run.

IMG_4228-min IMG_4526-min

P1190368-min IMG_4534-min

This bedroom needed new closet doors, and the nasty carpeting was ripped out and replaced with that nice new vinyl plank flooring.

P1190389-min IMG_4233-min IMG_4537-min

The second bedroom was pretty similar, but at least the closet doors were salvageable.

IMG_4236-min IMG_4533-min

Apartment C

Apartment C was the “handyman’s” unit, which will seem like a joke when you see the photos.  This guy didn’t even have a doorknob.  Instead, he used the deadbolt in place of the doorknob, and just left a hole in the door where the deadbolt should go.

P1190398-min IMG_4505-min

The living room was mostly unchanged.  The flooring was still in decent shape, so I kept it, even though I would have preferred to go with the new flooring.

IMG_4258-min IMG_4506-min

The kitchen was an absolute effing disaster.  It’s a little hard to tell from the photos, but the upper right corner of the kitchen is sagging down significantly.  The cabinets had come off of their wall supports.  Plus, the insides of the cabinets were disgusting, because this “handyman” also liked living among the roaches and mice.  So gross.  We gutted the whole kitchen.  In case you’re looking at the granite countertops in the “before” photo and thinking I should have tried to save the granite, let me point out that there are about five different types of granite in the photo.  If you look really closely, which may not be possible with this photo, you can see that some of it is bullnose, some of it has a straight edge, and there are different stone patterns in each one of the pieces.  I don’t know where he found these granite fragments, but wow.  That’s a lot of effort for a pretty crappy result.

IMG_4262-min IMG_4510-min

Old bathroom, new bathroom.

P1190442-min P1190444-min IMG_4507-min IMG_4508-min
























P1190520-min IMG_4516-min

Old master bedroom, new master bedroom.

P1190504-min IMG_4515-min

No railing at all, so people can fall halfway down the stairs.  Yikes!


This “after” photo is actually Apartment B, but at least you can see the new iron railings I put in each of the units.


Old bedroom #2 with improvised light fixture.


Much better now, don’t you think?



All right, this  is all I can get posted for now.  I’ll try to finish up posting the last unit tonight.  It’s been a journey, people!