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I am an attorney, landlord, and finance enthusiast who lives in Southern California. I'm working hard to grow my real estate portfolio, develop additional income streams, and sock away money in savings and retirement accounts so I can retire early and live comfortably.

Heading to FinCon!

By | September 14, 2016|

Well, here's some exciting news.  FinCon is coming, and I'm actually going!  FinCon stands for the Financial Content Expo, and basically it's like Comic-Con but instead of a bunch of nerdy people walking around dressed as superheroes, it's a bunch of nerdy people walking around dressed as ordinary folks.  The [...]

Self-Managed Rental Property – August 2016 Report

By | September 2, 2016|

It's been an eventful month!  Well, at home, anyway.  It's been totally uneventful at the fourplex, which is great news!  Here's my self-managed rental property report for August 2016. Self-Managed Rental Property Report: Rent Collection This could not have gone better.  This was the first month that the tenants deposited [...]