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I am an attorney, landlord, and finance enthusiast who lives in Southern California. I'm working hard to grow my real estate portfolio, develop additional income streams, and sock away money in savings and retirement accounts so I can retire early and live comfortably.

How to Find Good Tenants

By | June 29, 2016|

With the renovation of the fourplex basically done (see before and after photos here and here), it was time for me to find good tenants to fill the building.  The only question was how to find good tenants. Where to Advertise Available Apartments When my family was managing our 22-unit [...]

Renovation Photos: Part 2

By | June 23, 2016|

If you missed part 1, go here to check out the before and after photos of the exterior and Apartment A.  The page size was getting unwieldy, so I split the post.  Here are the renovation photos from Apartments B and C. Renovation Photos: Apartment B Apartment B was the [...]